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Why start with JS Karate Academy?

What are the benefits of starting Karate?

  • Get Active!

Karate is fantastic for weight loss! Unlike a lot of other sports, karate uses such a wide range of muscles in the body. Studies suggest that in just a one hour martial arts session you can burn close to 1000 calories! Yes thats right, 1000 calories!

  • Self Defence

As Karate is a martial art, we never start a fight. But we learn the skills for just incase one day the worst should happen. Whether someone tries to hurt us, our friends or our family or even steal from us, we only use our skills if we really need to. We teach students and huge range of strikes, kicks, blocks and sweeping techniques. We have such a huge range of techniques and the higher grade you become the more you discover!

  • Self-Discipline

Starting Karate is an incredibly effective way to develop you own self-discipline. Many students and parents see a large change in behaviour after only a few classes.

  • Confidence

Karate is such a confidence builder. We have had many incredibly shy students start with us here at JS Karate Academy and now those very same students are competing at International level in front of thousands of people.

  • Respect

Here at JS Karate Academy we are like one big family. Our students learn to respect each other and treat others how they would expect to be treated. Whether we win or lose, always respect.

  • Anti-Bullying

We do not tolerate bulling. We strive to stand up to the bullies and to do the right thing at all times. Karate promotes students to stand up for themselves, their friends and their family. Never to start a fight and never to cause any trouble.




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